Hillock Green emerges as a beacon of architectural splendour and an unmissable opportunity for discerning investors in the heart of the luxurious Lentor Hills precinct. This meticulously designed 474-unit condominium isn’t just a residence; it’s a statement of elegance and a testament to visionary investing.

A Consortium Like No Other: Crafting Masterpieces

The developers behind Hillock Green are not merely constructors; they are artisans of living spaces. The joint venture features industry titans—Forsea Holdings, United Engineers Ltd (UEL), and Soilbuild Group Holdings, each contributing their unique expertise and profound experience to mould Hillock Green into a sanctuary of luxury and comfort.

CCCC, renowned globally for its transportation infrastructure marvels, holds a significant stake, marking Hillock Green as an international standard-setting development. This collaboration signals not just a new residential space but the birth of a community that thrives on innovation, quality, and unparalleled living experiences.

Developers of Hillock Green: (From left) Lim Han Qin of Soilbuild Group, Wang Xin of Forsea Holdings, and Roy Tan of United Engineers Ltd

Embracing Nature: Architectural Symphony with the Environment

Hillock Green is not built on the landscape; instead, it emerges from it. Each of the 474 units across the three 23-storey towers is strategically oriented to offer breathtaking views, whether towards the tranquil Lower Seletar Reservoir Park or the lush greenery of Hillock Park.

David Liauw of DP Architects reflects this harmony with nature in every line and curve of the buildings, an inspiration drawn from the once-enveloping Lentor Forest. The result is a residence that doesn’t detract from the natural beauty surrounding it but instead enhances it, allowing residents to live in concert with nature, not apart from it.

Architect Drawing 1

Sustainability: A Commitment Etched in Platinum

In today’s world, luxury and responsibility walk hand in hand, a truth Hillock Green embodies with its Building and Construction Authority Green Mark Platinum Super Low Energy Building certification. However, this isn’t just about using less energy; it’s about creating a sustainable living environment that cares for its residents and the world outside its walls. This prestigious accolade isn’t just earned; it’s a commitment to the future.

Elevated Living: A Promise Beyond Four Walls

The residence promises an elevated living experience, starting with its strategic position on Lentor Hills’ highest points. The design ingeniously integrates the top tier of the facilities deck with Hillock Park, creating a seamless visual and physical transition from nature to living space.

Residents will find their every need anticipated with a three-tier landscaped facility deck. From an infinity swimming pool to a state-of-the-art gym, exclusive lounges, and more, leisure and luxury are not just add-ons; they are the very fabric of Hillock Green.

Grand Clubhouse

Connectivity and Convenience: The Hallmarks of Smart Living

Strategically located, Hillock Green puts connectivity at the forefront. A mere three-minute stroll links residents to Lentor MRT station, ensuring the island is within easy reach. The residence’s proximity to essential social and commercial hubs, like the Lentor Modern retail mall, is unmatched, blending urban living benefits with the tranquillity of a residential haven.

Including a covered walkway to crucial access points underscores the developers’ commitment to convenience, ensuring residents can move effortlessly from their peaceful abodes to wherever their day takes them.

Investment Wisdom: Unrivalled Returns Await

With an attractive pricing strategy that respects investment savvy, Hillock Green is a testament to intelligent real estate planning. Starting from a competitive $1.1 million, the residences present not just a home but a wise addition to any investment portfolio.

Comparative pricing analyses within Lentor Hills estate showcase Hillock Green’s formidable appeal, balancing cost and luxury in a package few nearby developments can match. This pricing wisdom extends the benefits to current investors and forecasts a prosperous community outlook, elevating the entire precinct’s value.

A Future-Ready Community: Thriving in Symbiosis

Hillock Green isn’t just about the individual; it’s about fostering a community that thrives together. From HDB upgraders to seasoned investors, the development appeals to a broad spectrum of homeowners who appreciate the finer aspects of communal living while cherishing their exclusive residential privileges.

With Lentor MRT Station‘s strategic position, residents are always just a heartbeat away from the vibrant city life and international connectivity, perfectly positioning Hillock Green in the global real estate arena.

Exclusive Invitation: Experience Hillock Green’s Grandeur

We cordially invite you to witness firsthand the refined elegance and strategic prowess embodied by Hillock Green. Book an exclusive presentation with us, where we’ll unveil the intricate details that set Hillock Green apart as a jewel of Lentor Hills. Join us in exploring how this monumental development isn’t just a residence but a keystone in visionary real estate investment.

Hillock Green is more than a home; it’s a legacy in the making. Secure your part in this prestigious project and redefine what it means to invest in the future. Contact us today to explore your next frontier in sophisticated living and astute investment planning. Welcome to excellence; welcome to Hillock Green.