Hillock Green Lentor Central Site

The Lentor Central site, now christened as “Hillock Green” following a successful bid by Yanlord, marks a significant milestone in the Lentor locale’s residential offerings. This venture, a collaboration between Forsea Residence, Soilbuild, and UED Alpha, heralds a notable advancement in enriching the residential scene around Lentor. Hillock Green is a much-anticipated residential development just a brief stroll away from Lentor (TE5) MRT Station, intertwining modern living with unparalleled convenience.

Covering an extensive site area of 13,444.3 square meters, Hillock Green is a non-landed residential property projected to seamlessly blend comfort, convenience, and modernity, setting a benchmark for contemporary living in the region. Hillock Green is devised with a pedestrian-friendly neighbourhood in mind and is favourably positioned with connections to Lentor Hillock Park, Lower Seletar Reservoir, and the Central area, laying the groundwork for a lively and wholesome community life.

Hillock Green Location within the Lentor Cluster

Moreover, with an allocation for 474 residential units, Hillock Green transcends being merely a residential project but manifests as a substantial leap towards enriching the urban texture of Lentor Central, injecting new vigour and contributing positively to the local economy. With its strategic location and modern amenities, Hillock Green is set to be a coveted address for prospective homeowners seeking a blend of contemporary and serene living in Lentor Central.

For those keen on making Hillock Green a part of their real estate journey, the opportunity to delve deeper into what this remarkable development offers is within reach. By making an appointment with the developer sales team, you can register your interest to receive the latest updates on Hillock Green. An exclusive presentation awaits, offering a thorough insight into why Hillock Green is a worthy consideration for your property aspirations. The blend of modern architectural excellence and the rich environmental attributes surrounding Lentor Central make Hillock Green a compelling proposition. Seize the opportunity to explore this haven of modern living by contacting the developer sales team today.